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Together again. And then not.

As ever, there has been a long gap between posts. As ever, a fair amount has happened in the interim. There were so many good things through the summer: lots of walks in the various parks and green spaces of Birmingham. The odd game of football, plenty of laughter, and some serious conversations in the mix too. We even making it to Blackpool for a somewhat blustery but undoubtedly very beautiful day. We shared some wonderful moments which we carry into the autumn. Much as we enjoyed our various trips and excursions, and much as our sessions on zoom continued to generate ideas and inspiration, we were also still looking forward to being able to sit down in a room together: if not exactly as we used to, then at least something close to it. As the autumn approached bringing its more unpredictable weather, we were even more keen to be able to gather once more in indoor space. Finally, after reading and rereading the ever-changing guidance, after lots of conversations and negotiations, afte