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Permission to live

The theme chosen for Refugee Week 2022 was "Healing", so we explored what that word means to us. Certain themes came out very strongly ... the awareness that healing encompasses much more than just physical wellness,  the need to feel supported in order for healing to be possible , the fact that healing is a long and often slow process, the reality that even complete healing leaves scars behind, and the enduring power of hope.  Those conversations led to our latest collaboratively written poem.  Healing – Refugee Week Poem 2022 Pain wakes me up Been broken so many times Feels like I’m dying inside But hope dies last Someone stands beside me In my time of need Opens wide the door for me Lets me come inside Healing from within me Mind, body, soul Join me on this journey I am about to start When I’m still in pain It doesn’t stop me dreaming Fighting for your freedom Triumph over your fears Healing leaves its scars Even when they can’t be seen Painful memories Reminding me what I