Permission to live

The theme chosen for Refugee Week 2022 was "Healing", so we explored what that word means to us. Certain themes came out very strongly ... the awareness that healing encompasses much more than just physical wellness, the need to feel supported in order for healing to be possible, the fact that healing is a long and often slow process, the reality that even complete healing leaves scars behind, and the enduring power of hope. 

Those conversations led to our latest collaboratively written poem. 

Healing –
Refugee Week Poem 2022

Pain wakes me up
Been broken so many times
Feels like I’m dying inside
But hope dies last

Someone stands beside me
In my time of need
Opens wide the door for me
Lets me come inside

Healing from within me
Mind, body, soul
Join me on this journey
I am about to start

When I’m still in pain
It doesn’t stop me dreaming
Fighting for your freedom
Triumph over your fears

Healing leaves its scars
Even when they can’t be seen
Painful memories
Reminding me what I went through

Carrying all these feelings
Processing the pain
Save myself from falling
Move myself away

Healing is a process
Acceptance and determination
A lot of patience in the waiting
Time heals all

If you ever feel
Like going down this road
You must just remember
There is always hope

A time for overcoming obstacles
A time for simply letting go
Opening the way forward
Freeing yourself

No need to worry anymore
I sleep peacefully
But sleep has its limits
I wake up to dreams coming true

Make me feel alive
Not just surviving
New adventures every time
I’ve been given permission to live