Soaring with Clipped Wings

A very busy and very beautiful Refugee Week has just drawn to a close (if I get myself organised, there'll be another post to follow about the many highlights of that!) 

But refugee week also marked the end (or is it the beginning!) of a long project ... our poetry book is now in print and available for sale! 

The book contains all the poems we have written over the past 18 months. Some are written by individuals, but most were written collaboratively during our sessions. In total, we think 36 people of 22 different nationalities were involved.

It is the result of many, many conversations, the sharing of stories and experiences, a whole lot of laughter, and a few tears. It is also the result of one of the group exclaiming earlier in the year "we should publish this!" an exclamation that stands as testament to their growing confidence and sense of self-worth and their increasing awareness that their words have value and deserve, perhaps even need, to be heard. 

Copies cost £5 (plus postage if you can't collect them in person of £1.53 for one copy, £1.99 for up to 3 copies, and £2.70 for up to 5). If you wish to order copies please email us at

As a taster, the video below is of some of the participants reading one of the poems from the book: