Early Days

We are delighted that Stories of Hope and Home is underway!

We have already held our first two workshops, which have provided space for sharing on a wide range of subjects: from care for the elderly, to air pollution in Birmingham, from journeying across Europe, to how best to learn English, from family and friendship to houses and hospitality, and a fair few other things in between.

Above all, together, we are building the safe spaces of friendship where we know we can talk about our lives, the whole of our humanity.

We also had our first trip out (pictured). During early October, Birmingham hosts it's literature festival, with a wide range of events and activities, including plenty of spoken word and story-telling. We had a wonderful evening at the story-telling evening at the Old Joint Stock, listening, learning, celebrating the beauty of words and language to tell truths about our very diverse lives.

In other good news, we have also received positive responses about some of the grant funding we had sought to enable us to properly establish and grow the project, so look out for further developments coming soon!