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Baby steps towards the "new normal"

Moving Stories of Hope and Home online back in March has not been without its challenges but, ultimately, worked better than I think any of us expected or dared to hope. The virtual space we have created has been an important one, and those of us who have felt able to engage with it have valued and appreciated it. It has been a safe space to ask questions, find out information, share stories, acknowledge struggles. A space to talk, and laugh, and occasionally cry. A space in which community has continued to be built  We have even managed to make small forays into the other aim of our project of reaching out and sharing our stories with others: contributing to Birmingham's Migration Forum, leading a workshop at the FaithJustice festival for young adults, and sharing stories with a group of educators who have gathered on zoom to explore themes of social justice. But for all its beauty and benefits, it hasn't been the same as gathering in person and with the gradual easing of lock