Data Protection

Under law (GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018), we are obliged to ensure we collect and store data appropriately. We take this responsibility very seriously. We are a new community group and are still developing our procedures and practices, but we are already making every effort to comply with our legal responsibilities.

Aside from our legal responsibilities, we are aware that we want to build a community of trust, a safe space where personal and sensitive stories can be shared. We are deeply aware of building positive relationships and an understanding with all those who share with us, ensuring that each individual feels able to share, or to not share, whatever they wish, knowing that all that they say will be treated with compassion, respect and sensitivity.

Privacy Notice

‘Stories of Hope and Home’ collects contact details from participants and supporters. We only use these details to send you information directly relating to the project, including invitations to sessions and events. We keep this information because it is in the legitimate interest of our group to publicise our activities to those who have expressed interest or been involved in them.

We also collect and store personal data relating to attendance at our sessions. It is in the legitimate interest of our group to collect this data, including gender, age, nationality and postcode. We use this data to secure funding and other support, to communicate about and celebrate the work of the project and to ensure we are fulfilling the aims of the project. This information is only shared externally in the form of anonymised statistics or case studies.

We collect data in the form of photos and video and audio recordings so that we can celebrate the work of the project, advertise it to others, and to help meet our objectives of giving asylum seekers and refugees a voice, and of challenging and changing perspectives  relating to migration. We will seek informed consent to collect and share this data.

Your details are stored securely, and will usually be deleted if you do not have any contact with us for more than 12 months, unless you request that we continue to keep you informed. You can ask us to amend or delete your details at any time by contacting

Stories of Hope and Home is the Data Controller
The Project Manager is the Data Protection Manager