A plan and a plea ...

We have all learned much about ourselves and one another in the past year: the things we want and need, the things we miss when they are taken away.

I suspect many, if not all, of us have learned a deeper appreciation for time spent with others: for quality time with family, friends, those we love; and also for all those opportunities to meet new people which have been stripped away. 

I suspect many, if not all, of us have learned a deeper appreciation for opportunities to get away from our everyday surroundings: however much we love our own home, we've maybe all had enough of those same four walls. That sense has undoubtedly been exemplified for some, depending on the level of comfort and security those four walls provide.

And so, many of us have reached the summer with plans to gather, and plans to get away. We watch the weather forecast and covid rates with a sense of trepidation. We hope.

The Stories of Hope and Home group are no different, in that sense, that anyone else and we hope that, towards the end of August, the "Festival of Encounter" we have planned will be able to go ahead. We are very excited! 

We are delighted that St Cassian's Centre in Kintbury are preparing to offer us a warm welcome, and that we will gather not only with one another but with some of those we have encountered over the last year is sessions facilitated with the Columbans, but who we have so far only met in zoom squares. We are looking forward to creating space to share and reflect on experiences, to build community with one another, and to have a whole lot of fun together. 

So that's the plan, which leaves us with the plea ... We are very grateful to those who have already pledged their financial support to make this trip happen but are looking for further donations to cover the rest of our costs. If anyone feels able to make a contribution (and now we are a charity, you can gift aid your donations too) we would be very grateful!

If you are able to help please contact us for our bank details.

Gift Aid Form


  1. Hi Steph
    Please send me details so that I can sponsor a night for one of the participants


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