The year that was 2021

Our website / blog has been distinctly neglected: not because we have nothing to share, quite the contrary! What a rich and busy year last year was and with all sorts of exciting projects in the pipeline this year is shaping up to be even bigger, busier and better!

Numbers can never really tell our story, which is far better represented by the individual human stories, the shared moments, the encounters and the reunions, the conversations and community, the laughter and sometimes the tears, the being together ... but here's a few of the numbers that give a tiny part of the picture of the year 2021:

Our single greatest achievement is that this group of people with their diverse cultures, religions, genders, ages and situations describe themselves as one family.

Our trips included two residential "Festivals of Encounter" which brought together project participants with others for times of shared learning and the building of community ... and lives were genuinely changed by the experiences.
We are especially proud that these are now available in all Birmingham's Libraries ... and it would be remiss of me not to mention they are still for sale too!

And that's not all in terms of our outreach to others ... We also took part in 9 online encounters (ranging in size from a group of 3 to a group of approximately 80); 2 refugee week performances; and contributed to the welcome of Little Amal and the week of action schools’ event at the Library of Birmingham. Participants have contributed to reports aimed at highlighting failings in the asylum system, have spoken to journalists and have participated in political campaigning.


  1. That is so impressive - I know it only tells a small part of everything the Stories group does, but it does give a real flavour of how far you have come. "Great oaks from small acorns grow" springs to mind. Keep up the good work. Here's to another successful year in 2022.


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